Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old town in new era

I am in the middle of the heart of the town, the jam outside is terrible (as usual). Sitting inside the air-conditioner Old Town White Coffee, under the roof of well-decorated CIMB HQ in Jalan Tun Perak.

Never had a chance to visit Sogo (and I never will if by chance), I am stepping in again this building after 20 years. The first time was on its first day opening. I remembered those days where we were still kids, Sogo is a place merely for window shopping, because it is always too expensive to spent, and it never worth it.

There is one thing that never change, it is always too congested and the parking is scare. Today Sogo is on sale, too crowded to do my window shopping, I almost lost my way to find the exit. The interior changed drastically. No more big hall and ... why it is so small? I guess time has shrink its size, relatively to those shopping mall nowadays in my mind. I am impress with the change to survive, nevertheless, it has lost its status in order to find a different target customers in another category.

Having said that, my collegue Lee Ka Fu just spent RM10 for his lunch with 2 pieces of chicken and a piece of fish in his nasi campur. Ng Keat Hou has noticed that those people around is so slim, trying to link the cost of living with tummy, it confused me anyhow.

Old Town White Coffee is ... no, I think it is a bank who sells coffee, or a coffee shop with a bank. The setup is a standard coffee shop with CIMB menu, assumes that we can plan an order on investment, which never feed my hunger, only my greed. Well, everyone is eyeing on everyone pockets, only those fulfil the needs of the other parties will stay. If there is no needs, then we should create it.

A bank in Malaysia without QMS is almost impossible (trying to boost :P). However, we are basically fulfil the needs of bank and customer, that's why we stay. However, an innovative company shall creates need, which will bring a company toward a new era.

Still waiting my collegues strugglish 10 floors up there, while I am enjoying my dinner down here. Shhhh ...

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